Monday, July 14, 2008

The Cam-Am Spyder Catches The Attention Of Other Drivers And Hollywood features a story and video on the owner of the Cam-Am Spyder and the growing popularity of three-wheel trike motorcycles. reports that trikes have been around for a while, yet the three-wheel Can-Am Spyder by Bombardier Recreational Products is an attention grabber. Spyder owners find their futuristic-looking rides cause onlookers to stop and stare.

Resembling a cross between a snowmobile and a sleek sport bike, the Cam-Am Spyder's looks are attracting more than long looks from other drivers, Hollywood film producers love it too. Expect to see the Spyder in the upcoming Transformers sequel and the film-adaptation of GI Joe.

Trikes are finding new popularity with riders who seek the open road experience of motorcycle riding, yet  seek the stability that a three-wheel vehicle offers.

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