Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yamaha 2009 YZF-R6S Features Light Weight And Big Horsepower

The Yamaha Motors homepage features details on the Yamaha 2009 YZF-R6S.

The key features of the Yamaha 2009 YZF-R6S are light weight, big horsepower, razor-sharp handling and a comfortable cockpit.

The suction-piston-type fuel injection with 38mm throttle bodies features short intake ports and a special vacuum-controlled intake system, ensuring instant throttle response all the way up to the 15,500-rpm redline.

Other features include a Deltabox III frame and Controlled-Fill swingarm, super-light five-spoke 17-inch wheels, and multifunction digital and analog instrumentation.

Source: Yamaha
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Anonymous said...

Yamaha's Hayabusa was one of my favourite Bike but when i saw this new model i got in to it, its shape and size pulled me towards itself and the color it contains its one of my favourite,i like its design and structure.

Anonymous said...

Yamaha's Hayabusa? you are kidding me right? just stop posting, you'll be better off.

Anonymous said...

Wow, regardless of calling the Hayabusa a "Yamaha", it and the R6S are like polar opposites in the "sport bike" world; no comparison, the OP is off his rocker!