Sunday, May 25, 2008

Robbie Knievel Makes Daring Motorcycle Jump Over 24 Trucks At Kings Island

Robbie Knievel made a stunning motorcycle jump over 24 trucks yesterday, soaring over 200 feet off of a ramp nearly three stories high.

According to the Cleveland Leader, the jump took place in the parking lot of Kings Island Amusement Park near Cincinnati, Ohio. Flames fired up in the air and the crowed cheered as Knievel's motorcycle flew over the 24 trucks.

Knievel dedicated the jump to his late father, Evel Knievel, and US war veterans and military service members.

Evel Knievel made a jump in the same parking lot in 1975, traveling over 115 feet over 14 buses.

YouTube user sirflipper has uploaded video of the jump.

MyFoxCleveland also reports on the jump and lists Robbie Knievel's past jumps.

Source: Cleveland Leader and YouTube
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