Monday, May 05, 2008

MicroTrak GPS tracks your bike even when you are not there

The Tracking Corporation will display a new motorcycle GPS unit at the Myrtle Beach Bike Week held May 9-18th in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

According to The Tracking Corporation...

Commenting on the show, Jerry Grisaffi, Chief Executive Officer of the Tracking Corporation said: "The demand for an affordable and effective motorcycle GPS unit is considerable. This unit will offer safety and security features unique and unmatched in this market. Our anticipation builds as we look forward to showcasing what this unit will do for motorcycle enthusiasts at the Myrtle Beach show. We invite all our shareholders to come see us in Myrtle Beach."

While standard GPS devices track where your bike is, the MicroTrack GPS tracks where your bike is going and if you (and only you) are on it.

If someone sits on your parked bike while you are elsewhere, or if your bike starts moving without you on it, your cell phone will receive a text message.

The system also tracks your bike as you drive it. If you are in an accident, the system detects your bike stopping and calls for help and the MicroTrack GPS call center.

The system tracks your bike in real time on the web, ideal for driving directions or just checking to see where you are.

Source: The Tracking Corporation
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Anonymous said...

This is very good micro trak GPS.

Anonymous said...

His bike even when he he did not there.

Anonymous said...

Great tracking device
has onstar like service
dispatches EMS if you are in a crash
If you ride a bike you want this.