Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Classic Indian Motorcycles Shine At The Third Annual Legend Of The Motorcycle Weekend

The New York Times features a story on the third annual Legend of the Motorcycle weekend and classic-bike auction held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel near Half Moon Bay, Califorina

According to the story, Indian Motorcycles played a starring role among the 100 rare and classic motorcycles at the Bonhams & Butterfields auction.

Many of the bikes were valuable due to previous owners: Evel Kinevel, Steve McQueen, and Bud Ekins.

Why has the Indian name endured so long? Jared Zaugg, founder of the Legends of the Motorcycle Auction, is quoted as saying the Indian brand is as iconic as Coca-Cola and purely American.

The New York Times also features a slideshow of the rare bikes that were up for auction.

The Los Angeles Times also features a story on the bike auction and a photo gallery.

Source: The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times
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