Friday, May 30, 2008

As Gas Prices Rise, So Do Scooter Sales

While gas prices show no sign of slowing down, motorcycle dealers are seeing more customers checking out two-wheel alternatives to save money, like the Honda Silverwing pictured above. The Chicago Tribune features a Denver Post report that scooter sales are up 24 percent nationwide over last year.

Buyers who once thought they were too cool for scooters are changing their minds about owning one. Riders are using their scooters so much that the need for scooter repairs and parts has risen as well.

The Chicago Tribune also notes that dual purpose motorcycles, capable of riding off-road or on the highway, are a popular choice for those looking to reduce pain at the gas pump. Dealers report that many buyers were thinking about buying a scooter or motorcycle before gas prices started their harsh climb, but gas prices were the leading reason why they decided to buy now rather than wait.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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