Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More than 1000 Best Western International hotels are "rider-friendly"

Best Western International wants Harley-Davidson riders to think of them when they need a place to stay after a long day on the road.

More than 1,000 Best Western hotels in the United States and Canada have been identified as "rider-friendly," offering motorcycle riders wipe-down towels at check in and access to a wash station at no additional cost. In addition, some properties offer designated parking, tar remover, sunscreen and lip balm.

According to Best Western International...

The hotel chain's commitment to designating participating hotels as "rider-friendly" is part of a multi-year agreement between Best Western and the Harley-Davidson Motor Company to bring travel benefits to Harley-Davidson enthusiasts.

"Best Western recognizes that Harley-Davidson and motorcycle enthusiasts have unique needs when on the road, and we're committed to providing them with amenities that make their rides more enjoyable," said Dorothy Dowling, Best Western's senior vice president of marketing and sales. "We're thrilled that more than 1,000 Best Western hotels are `rider-friendly,’ and we will add to this total throughout the year."

Harley riders can also register for the Gold Crown Club International Ride RewardsTM program, a free, specially-themed rewards program for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts

Source: Best Western International
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