Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Whirlygig Emoto - A Steampunk Motorcycle

What the heck is steampunk? According to Wikipedia, steampunk is a form of fantasy fiction set in the 19th century featuring imaginary steam-powered gizmos and technology.

A steam-powered motorcycle is the type of vehicle that would fit perfectly in the topsy-turvy world of steampunk, but artist Tom Sepe has actually built a real one...sort of...called the Whirlygig Emoto.

The Steampunk Workshop features an interview with Sepe, who built an electric-steam hybrid motorcycle. The boiler part of the motorcycle is just for show, with a propane heating water to give off a plume of steam from the back the bike. The real power that makes the bike go comes from batteries.

Here's video of the steampunk bike going for a ride. It makes a loud whistling noise, like a teapot.

You can see more of the Whirlygig Emoto on Tom Sepe's Flickr site.

Source: Boing Boing and The Steampunk Workshop
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