Monday, March 03, 2008

Which type of motorcycle insurance policy should you choose?

Before you climb on that shiny, new motorcycle for the first time, make sure you are properly insured.

The Progressive Insurance blog features as story on choosing the right insurance policy for your new motorcycle.

When insuring a motorcycle, you have choice between a motorcycle endorsement and a motorcycle policy. What’s the difference?

Motorcycle Insurance Endorsements attach a rider to your auto policy based on your current coverage, while a Motorcycle Insurance Policy covers your motorcycle separate policy.

Be sure to do careful research to find out which policy is best for you.

Source: Progressive Insurance
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William Clay Marshall said...

Nice rundown,
Also remember that you want to make sure you get medical coverage with your policy, because you are likely hurt in an accident which could cost a lot more than fixing the bike. Start by getting quotes motorcycle insurance agencies like UMU Motorcycle, who will make sure to figure in covering your accessories and safety gear, while providing you quotes from the main providers like Progressive.

Anonymous said...

Good words.