Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vectrix Electric Motorcycle: The Greenest Ride in the World

While most motorcycles like to have a reputation for being tough, Vectrix electric motorcycles are trying to build a reputation for being gentle...to the planet that is.

According to the Vectrix site...

The Vectrix is the first high-performance electric motorcycle with performance and style along with a clean, efficient, electric motor.

The Vectrix offers all the benefits of a traditional gasoline-powered two wheeler but without the noise, pollution, expensive maintenance, oil changes, and expensive trips to the gas station. Vectrix is engineered to provide an eco-friendly, powerful alternative for commuting and recreational needs, Vectrix has superior handling.

With the Vectrix motorcycle you’ll be free to move, free from traffic jams, free from oil changes, free from rising gas prices, free from pollution, and free from guilt about damaging the planet.

The city of Sacramento is planning to use the Vectrix for parking enforcement. Getting a parking ticket has never been so Earth friendly.

The City of Sacramento will be hosting a press conference to announce their latest initiative towards sustainability, The Vectrix Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV).

This fully electric, highway legal, zero-emission motorcycle will be used by the City of Sacramento's Department of Transportation for Parking Enforcement and by the Police Department as part of their fleet. The Vectrix ZEV will be on-site to test drive with knowledgeable representatives to answer questions and take interviews.

Source: Vectrix Motorcycles
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