Friday, December 28, 2007

Suzuki brings ABS to mid-sized motorcycles

Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) can be handy while riding on slick roads. While more expensive motorcycles are equipped with ABS, KABC in Los Angeles reports that Suzuki now offers the ABS on mid-priced bikes.

One example is the Suzuki SV650 ABS. According to Suzuki...

You know what you're looking for in a standard V-twin machine: light and agile handling, along with willing-and-able engine performance. And that's what the Suzuki SV650 delivers ? in spades. The Suzuki SV650 offers its own unique styling and performance. Compared to the SV650S, it has a leaner profile, featuring a single round headlight, tubular handlebars and a more upright riding position.

One ride on the SV650 and you'll be hooked. It combines crisp, lightweight handling with all-day riding comfort. And the thrills really begin when you tap into its exceptional engine performance. Its fuel-injected V-twin powerplant offers crisp throttle response, strong torque and a stunningly wide powerband.

Source: Suzuki and KABC


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SALMA said...

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Jason Unrau said...

Top of the Boulevard line is the M109R Limited Edition. With a MSRP of $14,499, this 1782cc fuel-infused v-twin is the most intense cruiser Suzuki has ever created. The organization touts its "in fact propelled skeleton and suspension, coordinated by world-class brakes.

Jesus K. Beavers said...

Suzuki deals have fallen significantly. Indeed, even as whatever remains of the business sector recuperates, this Japanese automaker is finding that the headwinds are solid. Will an exit from the US business sector be a long ways behind?

Edmond G. Belanger said...

The all-new Vitara is the most recent offering from the Suzuki stable. There is most likely Suzuki has re-designed the reduced SUV on the whole new Vitara, which is good to go to crush the car market.more information

Alva Russel said...

The Suzuki Motor Corporation looks somewhat like the progenitor that brought forth it at the turn of the twentieth century. Despite the fact that it is not really unmistakable as the same organization, its organizer Michio Suzuki would experience no difficulty perceiving the organization that in any case bears his family name.

Alva Russel said...

The Suzuki Kizashi is an all new sports sedan for the smallest of Japan's automakers in terms of US sales. Read how this car will fill an important gap in the Suzuki line up and may go far in helping stem the automaker's sales losses.