Monday, November 05, 2007

Indian motorcycle offers jackets and apparel before the bikes

Indian Motorcycle announced recently that the re-introduction of the Indian brand has been delayed till 2008. You can't buy and Indian Motorcycle till mid 2008, but riders will be able to buy Indian jackets and apparel. reports that Indian is releasing a line of apparel in January 2008 and is breaking ground on 50 new dealerships.

The first Indian dealership will be set up in Lowell, North Carolina. The Shelby Star reports that the new Indian Dealership will be. “A landmark with profound design.”

Indian is already accepting pre-orders on new bikes with a $1000 deposit.

Source:, The Shelby Star, Indian Motorcycles
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Anonymous said...

What is the address in Lowell NC
the new Indian Motorcycle store will be at.

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moreyph said...

Does anyone know what the base price is going to look like and if they have considered the shaft drive

Anonymous said...

I heard they are going to have Indian Motorcycle Women's apparel in the next couple of weeks on their website, I can't wait to see.

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