Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bullet Proof Leather Jackets - Stopping road rash with Kevlar

Bullet Proof Leather Jackets takes their name from Kevlar used to reinforce their leather jackets. While Bullet Proof Leather Jackets are not intended to stop gunfire, a single layer of Kevlar in a leather jacket can minimize "road rash" and offer an alternative to heavy, cumbersome, and expensive armored jackets, padded jackets, and racing suits.

Bullet Proof Leather Jackets start with a leather shell, soft and supple enough to be worn often and be comfortable. Key areas are reinforced beneath the leather with true Ballistic Kevlar (not Kevlar tape for plumbing and screening, not Kevlar cloth used for oven mitts, or Kevlar felt used to help strengthen seams in work clothes) but true Ballistic Kevlar.

Although it takes about 9 layers of this material to stop a bullet, a single layer of Ballastic Kevlar will take plenty of abuse from the road.

Source: Yukon Leather
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