Monday, October 08, 2007

Aprilia SL 750 Shiver

The 2008 Aprilia SL 750 Shiver features an extremely compact new generation engine: the brand new 90° V2, produced entirely in-house by Aprilia. Thanks to the advanced electronic management, it can deliver a level of power comparable to four cylinder engines in the same class, but with much more favorable torque at low revs for an efficient ride even on everyday routes. The innovative mixed trellis/aluminum frame provides standard setting rigidity. All this makes the bike extremely compact, perfect even for the beginner and gives the 750 Shiver a dry weight of just 189 kg

The Aprilia V90's maximum power of 95 HP at 9000 revs and maximum torque of 81 Nm at 7000 revs are excellent for a twin of this capacity.

A latest generation engine management unit controls all engine parameters. All data passes through a CAN (Controlled Area Network) line to the instrument panel, which also acts as a diagnostic terminal. The CAN line uses just two cables to transmit all data. This simplifies the electrical system enormously as well as reducing the total weight of the bike

The exhaust is made entirely from stainless steel. The manifolds come together under the seat in a single silencer with twin tail pipes.

The reduced longitudinal dimensions of the engine made it possible to obtain a short, agile bike, which created valuable space for the exhaust manifolds.

The combined digital and analog instrument panel receives all the data over a CAN line and acts as an integral part of the self-diagnostics system as it also has a memory. All functions can be switched by means of the handlebar control.

Source: Aprilia
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Ray Crawford said...

This is a pretty sharp bike.

What's it retail at?