Thursday, July 26, 2007

Harley strives to gain more women riders

While men over 40 are the primary market for motorcycles, over 100,000 women buy motorcycles as well.

The New York Times features a story on Harley's efforts to reach out to women riders, offering more comfortable motorcycles, along with a website and advertising in women's magazines.

Over 12% of new Harleys are bought by women, but Japanese manufacturers still lead among women riders thanks to a wider variety of sizes.
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Anonymous said...

As a business manager for a large Harley dealership, I am always fascinated by hype. Yes, about 12% percent of Harleys are financed by females. Well over half of those are for males with bad credit. It reminds me of Harley's hype about Eric Buell's racing a bike in the earley 80s, "With parts...machined in Erics garage." Yes, the muffler and handlebar mounts were machined in his garage; the bike was off the shelf from Armstrong in England.

Anonymous said...

The New York Times was at our dealership Garage Party on July 15th. That's where they got their 'man on the street' quotes and the pictures. We had 50 ladies in attendance, and on their surveys, most said the reason they don't have a motorcycle is because they don't know how to ride/don't have a license! Not because of fear, or money, or intimidation. Seems like all we need to get more ladies to ride is more accessible/flexible motorcycle training courses.