Thursday, January 25, 2007

Texas bikers demand right to ride without helmets

Texas motorcycle riders made sure their voices, and engines, were heard loudly in the state capitol of Austin.

According to, over 1000 bikers converged in Austin last Monday to voice their opinions on Texas motorcycle laws.

The bikers rode in support for stiffer penalties for those who injure or kill motorcycle riders.

The bikers also had a more controversial request concerning state helmet laws. Texas law current allows riders over 21 to ride without helmets, but only with special training or insurance. The bikers want no restriction on riding without helmet.

What do you think of the Texas helmet laws and the demands of the bikers? Should all bikers be allowed to ride without helmets with no restrictions? Are the current laws just fine? Post a comment and tell us what you think.
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Anonymous said...

ron s-I believe helmets are a good saftey item. Had a bad accident Dec 07 that laid me up for 2 months. The ambulance driver said my gear and Helmet saved my life. I always shudder and say a little prayer when I see a non-helmeted rider. Houston, Tx

Anonymous said...

Laws must be consistant to be fair and effective. How can a state (Florida) for example have a mandatory seat belt law and allow mtorcyclists to ride without helmets. A driver of a car or Tractor Trailer can be ticketed for no seat belt but a motorcyclist does not have to wear a helmet, only insurance. Mandatory helmet laws should be in affect in all states as common sense and to be consistant with seat belt laws which have proven to be affective.