Monday, January 22, 2007

Shape shifting motorcycle adapts to the road

Robotic Shape-Shifting MotorCycle
According to Biker News Online, a new motorcycle can change shape to adjust to road conditions or a rider's comfort.

The R-Bike, or Robotic Shape-Shifting MotorCycle, has an adjustable wheel base that lengthens or shortens. If your ride takes you from the city, then the highway, then on an unpaved surface, you can modify the shape of the bike for each.

The R-bike is still in its early stages as designer Erik Brinkman seeks investors to put it into mass production.

Although the concept of a robotic motorcycle sounds like something out of the upcoming Transformers movie, the R-bike does not turn into a giant walking robot.

Robotic Shape-Shifting MotorCycle
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BC said...

I can't decide if this thing is really cool, or totally stupid. I guess it's going to be one of those inventions that, if it makes it past the awkward prototype stage, might just become the new standard. But I'm totally disappointed that it won't transform into an airplane and a fighting suit of armor.

Anonymous said...

This is so so cool !

I took the time to read the report on the website and look at the videos,
It is like a puppet.

I can see that it has to look exactly like this to work right.

The industry should have done this years ago.

I must have one !
Wanna buy my used BMW ?

Anonymous said...

It looks so sweet. I almost bought a Harley, but they heavy and for old men. Girls like me will love this.

Anonymous said...

A killer bike
99% of riders don't even have the knowlage to even adjust there chain.Now they can change frame geometry?!

Unknown said...

This is Erik brinkman,
Thanks for the input. Something to note ... This is not in the "design concept" stage. After 9 years of careful engineering it is ready for prime-time.

The frame geometry changes on-the-fly via a thumb-wheel next to the left grip, The center of mass stays the same so it doesn't feel squirrely when you ShapeShift.

I have made this bike simpler and with less pieces than any other bike on the market. That took almost half the time. for example, the engine supports are also the oil lines.

I want anyone to be able to be a shade-tree mechanic with this. I think it is part of the joy of having a bike.

Trader Online said...

Thanks for all the comments! Be sure to read our other articles and keep posting!

Anonymous said...

Really? Very good, I think most bikers will like this. some professional motorcycle enthusiasts on have discussed this before.

Unknown said...

Time for a bit of an update ....

BTW- if you don't have QuickTime application in your computer,
you miss out on all the neat videos in the "Gallery".

The most important part of the bike is the drivetrain.
Merch is handling the 6 engines.
They are tops in making very very strong motors.

The drivetrain uses 3-inch helical-cut gears
(stainless steel with a near-diamond coating
.... 10 times slicker than Teflon)

It will be tested and ready to install by late 08.
The first bikes are for the Militaries and the Bike Shows,
We also promised 2 bikes for Warner Brothers and others in L.A.

Orange County Choppers show will be assembling one on TV.
(almost half the parts are Harley-World aftermarket parts,
so you will be able to service the bike at any Harley Dealer).

They will be built in New York and in Medicine Hat.

Public production will begin in 09.
Prices will begin just below $20k for a stripped budget bike
with a base $4k engine.
and up close to $120k for the highest possible quality and detail
and the $60k engine.

We are designing a "Build-a-Bike" section on the WebSite
where you can select almost every part on the bike
and adjust the price/feature balance to what you want.
You will have a choice of 6 engines and 3 transmissions.
There are 3 front wheel sizes and 2 rear wheel sizes.
There are 3 seat styles and 2 tank options. etc etc
until the bike is exactly what you want and can afford.

Then if you answer a marketing questionaire,
we will email you a poster sized hi-resolution picture
of the bike the way YOU designed it.

Soon we shall begin taking pre-orders
so you can save your place in line.
This is a couple of weeks away.
We have it functioning correctly.
Now it is a matter of the "look"
and then loading the hundreds of selections / options.

We promise that when updates occur,
they can be added any existing bike,
so that the purchase is a lifetime relationship.

Now, I know the idea of a ShapeShifter motorcycle
is a little out of the box .... just a little,
but the bike actually takes on the proportions
of the top bikes in each riding style category.
If any part of the frame were mounted or shaped 1/4 inch off,
the entire "puppet" would not work well.

There is much more to this than first meets the eye.
This is all about the frame, and not just about the bike as such.
We expect to license the frame to other makers in the future.
Adaptive-geometry makes for a safer bike,
and ultimately we want to see lots of them on the road,
whether ours our eventually someone elses version.

We shall also be activating the INVEST button
(hopefully by Monday Oct 22nd)
It will take you to an index where all the paperwork resides.

Anonymous said...

Specs are finally published.
Production begins in mid-2009