Thursday, December 28, 2006

Snowmobiles have trouble with lack of snow

Snowmobiles need more than just fuel and a rider to get going. They need snow.

The Rapid City Journal reports that a lack of snow in the Black Hills of South Dakota is putting the damper on snowmobile riding.

There is snow on the ground in some areas, but patches of open green space make the ride difficult. As the ground stays green, rental snowmobiles are sitting idle under their covers.

Are you a snowmobile rider? Do you have enough snow to ride on where you live? Leave a comment below and tell us your story.
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Anonymous said...

the best sport in the world needs snow yes, but if you are truely passionate about it you move to an area known for its snow....

Anonymous said...

Ya im with ya on that one! The best sport in the world does need snow! 4 feet of fresh powder. I live in the snowmobile capital of alberta, Whitecourt Alberta, and we still dont have enough of it. I wanna move to Revelstoke, BC, where they got 27 feet of powder. That would be the life!

Anonymous said...

Id be jumpin 100 foot cliffs then. i ride a little indy 500, but im gettin an '06 skidoo rev 800, how bout u?