Monday, December 11, 2006

Motorcycle safety in 10 simple steps features an article by Walter Kern on 10 ways to be safe on a motorcycle.

Kern's recommendations are probably familiar to veteran bikers, but they are still worth reviewing.

While most of the ten tips concern safe driving habits, others focus on the rider's attitude. Road rage and driver inexperience can be just as dangerous as heavy traffic or a darkened road.

The 10 ways article has become so popular that it is available as a mousepad.

What do you think of the 10 rules? Do you have any rules you would like to add? Tell us what you think and leave a comment below.
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Anonymous said...

If you have to ride at night, especially around the last few hours when the bars are open or right after they close, treat even GREEN traffic lights as a stop sign! Don't assume that a red light is going to make a drunk stop!

Also at night, take extra care around brightly lit gas stations and parking lots - many people forget to turn their lights on when pulling out so even an unlit car or truck could suddenly swing in front of you!

Ajlouny said...

Treating even green lights and reds and caution around gas stations should be rule 11 and 12.