Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Chinese city bans all motorcycles

Chinese city bans all motorcyclesThe city of Guangzhou, China, has a unique and effective solution to curb the problem of motorcycle traffic.

All motorcycles are now banned.

According to The Seattle Times, the solution imposed by the city government goes into effect January 1 of next year. All 260,000 motorcycles in the city are to be off the roads.

This is a tough break for cycle riders in Guangzhou, especially if they depended on their motorcycle to make a living.

The reason for a tough ban? City leaders blame motorcycles for the increasing number of traffic accidents and thickening air pollution.

Some residents suspect that the ban might be a heavy-handed way to encourage more car sales. Car sales are growing in China, thanks to a booming economy.

We can imagine what motorcycle riders anywhere in the world would feel about this, and have to say about it. Tell us what you think. Leave a comment below.
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Anonymous said...

That is why commies SUCK, and freedom ROCKS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's straight Bull S*i*. Bikes don't pollute the air half as much as the cars do and they save a lot of parking space.

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