Monday, November 27, 2006

Pack up your bike the right way - Pick the right luggage system

Planning to take a trip on your motorcycle soon? Do you have lots of gear you intend to bring? Whatever you bring, you do not want it falling off your bike and harming you or other riders and drivers you share the road with.

No matter how mighty your bike is, you need take care when packing your motorcycle for a trip. The Toronto Star features a story offering advice on how to pack your bike.

Bikers have the option of using hard cases that bolt on the bike frame, or using leather saddlebags that can carry your stuff and make you look sharp.

Do you travel long distances on your cycle? Have any advice on how to pack safely? Leave a comment and share your story!
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Rob Barron said...

Rather than packing your scooter like Jed Clampett, why not tow a small trailer?

It's safer, easier, and still allows you ride two up. I wrote an article about trailering a few years ago. I own the rights to it and would be happy to share it with you. Just email me.

Trader Online said...

Thanks for feedback! Let us know if you have any other riding tips you might want to share. We're always looking for suggestions.