Friday, November 10, 2006

Custom chopper class trains young cycle artists in Arizona

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The custom chopper above was built by professionals. Now high school students in Arizona are getting a chance to build their own custom bikes too.

Skyline Technical High School in Arizona is offering training in custom motorcycle design for students.

The new class, profiled on, gives high school students a chance follow in the footsteps of the custom chopper builders on American Chopper and Monster Garage.

"Choppers" get their name from the method used to create the custom motorcycles. Motorcycles frames are cut and modified, then decorated with exotic paint and accessories. The results are motorcycles that demand attention with their loud colors and flashy styles.

If building custom bikes was not thrilling enough, the chopper building students had their designs reviewed by custom bike builder Jesse Rooke, who appears on Discovery Channel's Biker Build-Off.

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Custom Choppers said...

That's awesome. You might like to see what 'Maz' is doing with these so called 'troubled' high school kids. They beat out top custom chopper builders at the Donnie Smith Bike Show and won the top two prizes: Overall and Technical Merit awards...
Cusotm Choppers Bike Club

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