Friday, October 27, 2006

Riding a unique Russian motorcycle on the streets of LA

The Ural is not the sleekest bike on the road, but it does have the charm of having a sidecar and unique history. Originally built in giant factory Russia, where everything from the bolts to the paint were manufactured, the Ural is looks like military surplus leftover from a World War II adventure movie.

The LA Times features a story about a Ural rider and his adventures riding the streets of the City of Angels.

The Ural is a challenge to drive, requiring an experienced driver to keep it in check. What the the Ural lacks in beauty and handling it makes up for in attention and comments. Even non-bikers can enjoy a ride on a Ural, in the handy sidecar.

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Do my homework said...

In my childhood. This motorcycle was everywhere.
Btw they aren`t good.