Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Airbags on motorcycles? Would you buy a bike with one?

Airbags in cars have been a standard feature for years, saving lives in auto accidents.

What about a motorcycle with an airbag?

It might sound strange, but according to Times Herald-Record writer Donna Kessler, the 2007 1832cc Honda Gold Wing will be equipped with one. She also explores how this new feature might shape the debate over driver responsibility and cycle safety.

For some bikers, riding with a helmet is a no-brainer (no pun intended) and should be enforced by law. Other bikers see it as choice that should be up to rider.

What do you think of a motorcycle with an airbag? Would you buy a particular cycle with an airbag over a model without one? Should airbags come standard on motorcycles?

Leave a comment and let us know what you think.
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Friday, October 27, 2006

Riding a unique Russian motorcycle on the streets of LA

The Ural is not the sleekest bike on the road, but it does have the charm of having a sidecar and unique history. Originally built in giant factory Russia, where everything from the bolts to the paint were manufactured, the Ural is looks like military surplus leftover from a World War II adventure movie.

The LA Times features a story about a Ural rider and his adventures riding the streets of the City of Angels.

The Ural is a challenge to drive, requiring an experienced driver to keep it in check. What the the Ural lacks in beauty and handling it makes up for in attention and comments. Even non-bikers can enjoy a ride on a Ural, in the handy sidecar.

If you want to have your own Ural to show off? Find one on Cycle Trader! Go to our search page and do a keyword search for "Ural" to see our selection.
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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cycle Trader Insider is here!

Cycle Trader Insider is starting up its engine and roaring out on to the open road of the Internet. As we roar down the highway, we would like to tell you about who we are, why we have a cycle blog, and how you can help us make this blog part of the online cycle community.

What is a blog?

A “blog” is an online diary or journal written by a “blogger” to inform others about a particular subject. “Blogging” is when a person uses a blog to share their thoughts and ideas. Businesses use blogs to inform their customers about their services and official news. Others use blogs to create online communities, where individuals with a common interest come together to communicate. The “Blogosphere” refers to the world of all bloggers, or bloggers in a particular community or subject, like sports, politics, or pop culture.

What is Cycle Trader Insider?

Cycle Trader Insider is the official cycle blog of Cycle Trader.

CycleTrader.com is owned and operated by Trader Publishing Company. Formed in 1991, Trader Publishing Company is the nation's leading publisher of specialty classified advertising publications. Cycle Trader serves private parties wanting to buy and sell used motorcycles, yet also serves as a forum for dealers and brokers to advertise their vehicles for sale.

Trader's print magazines, like Cycle Trader, are distributed through hundreds of thousands of distribution points in most of the United States.

What does Cycle Trader Insider do?

Cycle Trader Insider seeks to inform and create an online community for cycle buyers and sellers, motorcycle riders from all walks of life, and all who are interested in motorcycles.

We seek out news and information related to motorcycles from all over the World Wide Web to inform our readers. We hope our readers will use Cycle Trader’s services to buy and sell cycles, but we also wish to contribute to the online cycle community through sharing news and information, not just about Cycle Trader, but the entire world of motorcycles.

If you are a cycle buyer, seller, motorcycle rider or own a business that sells or supports motorcycles, we want you to read our cycle blog and offer your comments and feedback.

What do we blog about at Cycle Trader Insider?

We seek out news and information about motorcycles from all over the World Wide Web. We try to find the latest trends in cycle technology. More people, of all ages and walks of life, are taking to the road on their own motorcycle. We try to reach out to all types of riders and cycle enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter if you are first time rider just starting out, or if you have been on the road for years. We welcome all those who love to ride.

You can help Cycle Trader Insider!

Do you like our stories? Do you have ideas for cycle blog stories? Are you a motorcycle rider who has a blog? There are other motorcycle bloggers out there! We want to hear from you!

You can click on the little speech balloon under each story on our blog and leave a comment. Please be polite and write a comment related to the story.

You can also contact us at cycleblog@traderonline.com. Send us your story ideas and comments.

If you have a motorcycle-related blog, let us know about it! We want to know who is writing about cycles in the blogosphere. Even if you don’t have a blog, if you find an interesting motorcycle related site or news story, send us a link. We need your help and contributions to keep this blog rolling.

If you have a motorcycle blog, feel free to link to us! We can’t promise that we will link back, but if you find your blog informative and complies with our standards, chances are strong we’ll return the favor.
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