Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Featured Destination: Stonehenge II

Stonehenge II 
120 Point Theatre Road S.
Ingram, Texas

When you are riding through Texas, stop by Ingram, Texas and take some time to appreciate Stonehenge II. Stonehenge II is a replica of the original Stonehenge monument in Salisbury, England. Quoted as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the Texas Hill Country’, Stonehenge II was originally located in Hunt, Texas but was moved by the Hill Country Arts Foundation and now resides in Ingram, Texas. Stonehenge II is about half as tall as the original, 3,500-plus-year-old Stonehenge. There are also two replica Easter Island heads at the site. There are plans to add a dance floor, benches, and side walks to the site in summer of 2012. So if you are in the area ride out to Ingram and enjoy the site. (Source: http://alfredshepperd.com/Stonehenge/main.html)