Monday, April 06, 2009

Electric Bike By BlueShift Motorcycle Offers Over 200ft lbs of Torque

Here are images of a new electric motorcycle recently introduced by BlueShift Motorcycle Co. "Ever wonder what over 200 ft lbs of torque at any RPM feels like?" asks the BlueShift Motorcycle website.

Here's a statement from BlueShift about this bike.

The most exciting thing about our motorcycle is that it is a game changer. We are going after the throat of gasoline performance motorcycles. Watch out Harley V-Rod, be careful Yamaha VMax, get out of the way Honda VTX. The performance of our electric motorcycle meets or exceeds the gasoline equivalents.

BlueShift Motorcycle Co. isn't just releasing an electric motorcycle, we are releasing one hell of a torque monster motorycle that isn't simply some play on being electric. You twist the throttle on this bike and you feel like you are sitting on the business end of a fighter jet.

In addition we have a few other things up our sleeves...some technology not found yet on any motorcycle (gasoline or electric) that gives riders special options for customizing the look, feel and performance character of the motorcycle and communicating with other riders.

Source: BlueShift Motorcycle Co.