Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Victory Hammer S For 2009

The Victory Motorcycles homepage features details on the 2009 Hammer S.

According to Victory, the Hammer S comes with a muscle car paint job and a All-New Freedom 106/6 V-Twin engine that cranks out 97 hp and 113 ft-lb of torque.

Victory upgraded the Hammer S to a 106/6 engine for the 2009 model with Stage 2 cams that offer more torque.

The Hammer S rolls on blue X-Factor wheels, with a rear fender cut high to show off the 250mm Dunlop rear tire. A back seat for passengers is hidden under a removable cover on the rear wheel cowl.

The Victory Owner's group has video on YouTube featuring a close up look at the Hammer S.

Source: Victory Motorcycles and Victory Owners Group.
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